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We are dedicated to enhancing your professional image

PowerPoint Design

You have a high-stakes conference or event, there is a time crunch, pressure is mounting, and reputations are on the line. What you don’t need is the added pressure of trying to design a slide presentation. SPG to the rescue! Whether you need to have your old lackluster deck transformed or a sleek new one built from the ground up, we will help you make a killer first impression.

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Motion Graphics

We are experts at using PowerPoint; to craft promotional videos for your website, YouTube or clip for your PowerPoint presentation. We produce multimedia slideshows incorporating music, film or video and voice-over narration that can be shown in kiosk mode at tradeshows, conventions etc.

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Web Design

We design minimalist, well-organized, professional looking websites. We take pride in creating unique, stylish designs to compliment and express the culture and character of your business or service. Our number one priority is to provide you with a unique, user friendly website — one that will aid in the growth of your business and set you apart from your peers.

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