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Who Are We?

We are creative professionals on a mission to elevate our clients above their peers

Welcome to Square Peg Graphics — now just SPG

Whether you are a individual professional or a corporate CEO,the way that you present yourself or your organization can have a profound influence on the way your business is perceived and in turn, your success and prosperity.

What we do is help you polish your image. We start by having a chat. We are not interested in pushing trendy ill-suited design concepts off on clients. We actually listen to what you have to say. In so doing, we are able to achieve the optimal solution for your project.

By listening to your desires, requirements and goals, we can help you make design decisions that will align with and enhance your brand. We help you make creative decisions that will result in making the best impression possible, whatever the project.

We are expert in producing dynamic PowerPoint presentations and videos. We feel that when used to its full potential, PowerPoint can be a powerful story telling medium that can inform and inspire an audience. Whether it is a sales presentation or a keynote speech, we will collaborate with your team to create a compelling and entertaining presentation experience.

Image Precedes Leadership

Graphic design is always a collaborative process which is why our motto is “we turn your vision into reality.”

Web design is our other area of expertise. We have a reputation for building clean, creative websites for individual professionals and businesses of all sizes. Working exclusively with WordPress, we take pride in creating handsome, stylish sites to compliment the culture and character of the client’s firm or organization.

Why Us?

We are focused and specialized.

We are not a full service graphic design shop. We only do two things: PowerPoint and WordPress. These are what we love doing which is why we are wizards with these applications.

Mount Diablo & Water Hyacinth by Mike Oria

Global Experience

Hello! My name is Jack Jackson. I am a graphic designer and photographer with over twenty years of experience in the graphics industry. I am also the “square peg” in Square Peg Graphics. SPG consists of Art Espinola, Jack Jackson and a few talented associates. We work from our home office/studio in the Sacramento River Delta town of Rio Vista, California. Although we are based in California, we work with clients all over the United States, and around the world. The exposure of working with international clients is exciting and helps us to think unconventionally, and to bring our broad experience to every project.


Presentation Design  +  Web Design + Graphic Design

Software Expertise

PowerPoint  +  WordPress  +  Adobe Creative Suite +  WooCommerce

The Face behind SPG


If you’re curious as to who is behind this site, please visit my page.

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