JetStream PowerPoint Presentation

ASCII 2014 Success Summit Presentation


SSM Media Day Presentation

CPM | Client Presentation


Mark & Place

PowerPoint Marketing Video


PowerPoint 2013 Animation Demo

YouTube Teaser Video


Lawson Wealth Solutions

Real Estate Investment Councelor Web sites


The Second Chance Self

Cynthia Grace | PowerPoint Presentation


Lawson Wealth Solutions

Realtor PowerPoint Presentation


East Bay PEN

Web Site reDesign


EMS China Pitch Deck

PowerPoint Presentation Deck Makeover

JPC, Inc.

JPC Web Site

Construction Company | WordPress Web Site

SFS Chemical Safety, Inc.

2013 CUPA Presentation

SFS Chemical Safety | 2013 CUPA Conference PowerPoint Presentation

Green Chakra

Rosen Method Open Center

Bodywork Teacher, Practitioner | WordPress Web Site

Not Your Daddy's PowerPoint

Self-Promo Video

PowerPoint Animation Capabilities

All Clear Diagnostics, Inc.


All Clear Diagnostics, Inc. | PowerPoint Presentation for Prospective Investors

First Place Media Group

First Place Media Group

Internet Marketing Firm | Promotional Video


KaplanResearch Capabilities

KaplanResearch | PowerPoint Presentation to Prospective Clients

Furniture Today

Furniture Today

WordPress Web Site

Fukushima nuclear power plant

Quest for Energy

PechaKucha style PowerPoint presentation


AVK Consulting

Airport Consulting Firm | WordPress Web Site

KaplanResearch, Inc.

KaplanResearch Web Site

KaplanResearch | WordPress Web Site


Lawson Wealth Solutions

Lawson Wealth Solutions | Consumer Web Site Video

Jessica Rabbit

Disney Art on Main Street

e-Commerce Web Site | Promotional Video


Lawson Wealth Solutions

Lawson Wealth Solutions | Web Site Video

Mr. Techno-Wiz

Mr. Techno-Wiz

Mr. Techno-Wiz | Web design

SFS Chemical Safety

CUPA Slideshow

SFS Chemical Safety | PowerPoint Slideshow

RC Group, Inc.

RC Group

Building Contractor | Web Design

Discover Life Church

Discover Life Church

Discover Life Church | PowerPoint Promotional Video

First Place Media Group

First Place Media Group

Internet Marketing Firm | Web Design

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